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About Us

Leadership Forward supports students of color from low-income households in Dallas who have historically lacked access to higher education, through one-on-one mentoring and programming that is specifically focused on college and career readiness. Students are matched with local professionals who help them think boldly about their future and provide them with the tools they need to be successful following graduation. Through mentoring, students can learn about not just what steps they needed to pursue higher education, but truly discover their strength and power to determine their own future. 


Leadership Forward first engages with students through our High School Mentoring Program, pairing participants with local adult volunteers through mentorships. We continue to work with our students once they graduate through the Next Gen Initiative, our postsecondary bridge program.

"We chose to name our organization the Leadership Forward Mentoring Program because we believe that through mentoring we are helping shape the leaders of tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the positive impact our students have on their community and to see them return to our Program one day, as mentors."


Francisco Alvarez

Managing Director, Arkoma Companies

Since 2014, Leadership Forward continues to be a collaborative effort. At its core, it is an organization built on the support of, and input from, the community, its schools, and parents who share the same passion for opening more doors for our students. 

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